Volvo VNL & American Trailer


Credits: axe666, vecc21


11 thoughts on “Volvo VNL & American Trailer

  1. Avec ça, on est prêt pour American Truck Simulator 😉
    Google Translate :
    With that, we are ready for American Truck Simulator 😉

  2. 464 MB. Not for average PC´s created.

  3. DrunkDriver

    Constantly crashes the game.Hell lot of errors in game log.I don`t think this will work properly on s

  4. Broken mod, made all mt Volvo trucks disappear and crashes game if you go to volvo dealership.

  5. scaniadriver

    Dude why putting this Online?looks like the one from 1.4.x?!

  6. Kalash156


    The model looks nice and it does have a lot of customization options, but:
    – the truck replaces every single Volvo in a dealership, both FH Classic and the 2012
    – if you already own some FH Classics, they’ll switch to this VNL’s cabin but retain the FH chassis, which looks completely messed up
    – most options from the original FH models are still present. Trying to change cabs or chassis results in a crash.

    Other issues:
    – this mod is 450Mb in size! (I have a VNL 780 which looks and works great and it’s only 140Mb) No other truck mod that I’ve tried even comes close to 300Mb in size! Why is this so large?!
    – aside from the front panel (which is basically FH panel), the rest of the interior looks bad (very low-res)
    – yellow dice (why…?)

    I didn’t even get to the driving part…I’m guessing crashes every 5 minutes.

    If you didn’t finish the mod, finish it, then release it! Don’t release a broken mod, or if you do, label it as \incomplete\ or \broken\ something like that, and explain the issues.

  7. when i saw a post with no description, i saw a bomb

  8. Scaniadriver

    this smells like the volvo vnl from 1.4.12 without rework.dude?why releasing this again?found it also on other sites “tested in” sure……

  9. Errick_Dannyel

    CRASH the game! REPLACE all VOLVO trucks! this its a disaster!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME TRY IT!

  10. mod działa bardzo fajnie na wersji 1.5.2 . W ogóle nie wywala, jedyny mankament to miniatura. Wygląda jak połączenie zawieszenia tego volovo i standardowej kabiny ale nic poza tym.

  11. #### stalker

    Another dumb #### with no mod ability. Where the #### are the moderators on this site?

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