Volvo VNL Globetrotter (2019) 1.32

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Its interior.
Their sounds.
Support DLC Cabin.
For game version 1.31 – 1.32 ATS and ETS2.
Authors: scs, frank_peru, yekko-yek

frank_peru, yekko-yek


21 thoughts on “Volvo VNL Globetrotter (2019) 1.32

  1. Thank you so much!!!

    1. No work on 1.32 Fake in description mod!

  2. Justin Schulze

    MY Game Crash Why? 1.31.2

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      genius in the title it’s write that this mod is only for 1.32

      1. For game version 1.31 – 1.32 ATS and ETS2, reading and understanding

  3. SheerSquirrelTV

    For some reason, on a clean game, with the ETS2 only variant enabled, using the latest version of the 1.32 beta, it crashes in the truck dealer.

    1. same here. at first i tested it with all my mods and on a clean profile. both crashed

      1. SheerSquirrelTV

        Hmmm. Something dodgy…

  4. no me aparese

  5. Mert Gökova

    As usual, it crashes my game. Even I’ve dragged al needed scs files into mod folder and activated. Very good job lol!

  6. alaindavid51

    MY Game Crash Why? 1.32

  7. Take a video explaining how to set up this mode. Because at 1.32 the game is failing.

  8. Mod+working+only+on+ATS+at+moment+I+tried+on+ETS2+1.31+AND+1.32+and+bouth+crash.

  9. volante8657

    the speedo is off compared to GPS (1.31.2)

  10. darkexplorer64

    This Volvo is great. Gameplay in HD:

  11. El Kamynante

    Game crash 1.31. Fake mod!

  12. El Kamynante

    Sorry, I have to say this IS NOT a fake mod!
    After tried many configurations in the mod manager I managed to play this truck.
    Now I have it in Volvo dealer, And I already made more than 8ooo km with it.
    Nevertheless, the engine sound is quite ugly (but I’m listening music so that don’t bother me to much). Otherwise the truck is beautiful and I will work with it some time 🙂
    Thanks to frank_peru & yekko-yek!

    1. Hawkeye1708

      Hi m8. If you managed to run this truck in ETS 2 it would be great if could share how you did it. (mod manager priority and row for example) As for me I tried several different ways and game always crashes in the dealership

  13. Mack Anthem 2019 for don’t have ETS2 mod…..

  14. it crash in 1.32 because there is no wheel pack

  15. great truck.. I enjoy it very much.. I will be looking forward to see VNX version… please fix left hood mirror display…

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