Volvo VT 880 v 2.1


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Version 2.1:
– Added in the Cummins ISX Signature series diesel in, instead of the stock sounds.

Authors: ant457, BigBob, ExCrimea, Jesse, Kriechbaum


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18 thoughts on “Volvo VT 880 v 2.1

  1. lol new cummins but the main problem is the front mirrors, in camera one you see but in camera two not hahaha

  2. Aventador

    Again that double wheel ……… Why you can’t fix it?

  3. Hey
    Do you know if there is a problem with the jake brake sound for all American’s truks
    will not work since the new patch 122.0.4
    tanks friend

    1. I believe there is, this truck is meant for patch 1.21.

    2. My T800 lost the Jake brake sound from The Sound Pack For American Trucks…I really like that sound so I ditched Steam and reloaded patch 1.21.1 Jake’s back now…I got sick of the continual f**ked up changes on public Beta anyhow.I’m gonna wait till they release the fixed version

  4. link dont work

  5. download site not working

    1. Dropbox-Message:
      Error (429)
      This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
      Change the Hoster, please, to sharemods. Otherwise nothing will going on.

  6. The new link is up
    I may add even more sounds later on.

    1. plase use scs packing

      1. Why? there is nothing wrong with using a Zip folder, the zip folder is pretty much like an scs file, just drop it in and turn it on, so there is no need to change the Zip folder, if you want more engine sounds on more trucks then I suggest you stop complaining like this and enjoy the mod.

        1. why can’t people complain about sounds on mods

  7. Interior/exterior – not the same! If you do something – do right! 80 % of the mods have this problem. Go down from the cabin and surprise-you’ve been in another truck :))))

    1. Don’t yell at me I’m just a sound guy, go find the 3d modeler who made this and talk to him.

  8. TheReDDragon

    #### quit using the ###### zip file concept #### it spend some time and make a full scs file

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