Volvo VT880 V3.0


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Standalone truck, with lightmask, wheels, interior, little tuning.

– added metallic
– updated for new versions of the game
– removed useless objects from interior and exterior
– added dummies for lights
– fixed minor bugs
– Added in the Cummins ISX Signature series diesel in, instead of the stock sounds.

New: Fixed mirrors, lights dummies were moved little bit, changed mats, fixed few bugs.

Authors: ant457, BigBob, ExCrimea, Jesse, Kriechbaum, update by Geovane Rocha


6 thoughts on “Volvo VT880 V3.0

  1. Danm, this music make me deaf! Why you guys put music in videos? Let te original game sound

    1. AwkwardDriver

      probably their favorite music, so they put it in videos.

  2. AlexCrazy

    ###### old fake
    all inside this mod is from 2013 & 14, nothing upgrade

  3. Is this conflicting with the vnl?
    It destroys all my volvo brand!
    Help, please…

  4. Uploader – mods_ats. Fake 100%.

  5. mods_ats=losevo58=100% deceiver))

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