Volvo Wheel Pack v 1.0


New trucks were registered for the mod.
The DEF files have been updated.
List of Trucks:
All SCS Volvo Trucks
8×4 2009 von Ghostruck –_ Warning uses the same name as Chassi
Roadhunter, Flemming V
8×4 2009 von Roadhunter –_ Warning uses the same name as Chassi
Ghosttruck, Flemming V
8×4 Tandem 2012 von Flemming V –_ Warning uses the same name as
Chassi Ghosttruck und Roadhunter
FM 2009 von AU44
Megastore von Kyto
8×4 2012 von Man-Trucker
6×4 Tandem 2012 Flemming V

Authors: Ventyres, roadhunter, Harald-RS


3 thoughts on “Volvo Wheel Pack v 1.0

  1. Great job!

  2. anyone know whats wrong with the cows in the cattle trailer one of mine stuck its head out at a toll booth in germany poland areas and i couldnt get free as the damm things head was wedged stuck firmly bettween barrier and the toll booth full stoory on forum under help

    1. Volvodriver

      perhaps dont steer in too much on the left keep it in the middle

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