Volvo Wood Tandem


Volvo Truck with Wood Tandem Trailer

Author: Diamond Modding


10 thoughts on “Volvo Wood Tandem

  1. DeineMudda

    awesome. thank you 😀
    But the color of the thinks which hold the wood (baaaad english :P) should be paintable too

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video with Volvo Truck and Trailer on Version 1.13.3

  3. scooterking

    trailer included with the superseding any trailer of the game
    make it so it does not replace all together but it looks good

  4. Make iT for scania T cab man but that a normal trailer Nice mod!

  5. Very Nice!

  6. It would take more types of tandem …

  7. Can’t get the axle’s in place it seems. how to fix this?

    1. same with that, i got rear axle’s not at the correct place, they are too far to the front

  8. Lincolnimp2457

    as with Maarten I cannot get the truck axles in place

  9. MauroDaFreak

    Hai there guys, here is MauroDaFreak!

    Here’s a video according this mod 😀

    Thanks for all the support and subscribe the channel!

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