VW Amarok

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Truck dealer: MAN
paint jobs metalics



18 Responses to VW Amarok

  1. yannick says:

    would be fun if there was some more stuff on it like skins for traffic assist pilot or police,& fire department also additional lights like flash and strope and ligtbars

    • Edson says:

      thank you for your suggestion friend, have only a few objects that can be added to her body at the moment

  2. sneshana sibir says:

    mod naebka! avtor lohotronzhik

  3. sdonbass18 says:

    I did not find it in MAN, nor in any other salon

    • Edson says:

      You have to go in the MAN shop, buy the mantgx change booth and chassis

  4. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    can’t find in delear

  5. ScaniaNextGenS730 says:

    It works for me do you have any MAN mod? It’s maybe not compitable with it.

  6. ScaniaNextGenS730 says:

    Go on the first MAN and choose the Amarok stuff.

  7. Lucasdriver70 says:

    Very good mod, who would be more pleasant to drive if the gearbox would be better staged and if there would be more modification possible! (Sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

  8. MarLIN says:

    Снежана Сибирь говорит главная наёбка в этом мире эта то что тебя вообще родели ясно 1% дура

  9. emre says:

    direksiyonun düz olması lazım yatay olmuş hatalı. arka stop lambalar yapılacak.orjinal jantlar bulunacak. aynalar düzeltilcek.ve modifiye

  10. edsor says:

    The car needs a computer on board. I notice too much that you don’t have it. Especially since there are only two indicators on the dashboard

  11. Mr.joker says:


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