VW Beetle 66


Volkswagen Beetle 66 Car for 1.9.x game versions
Find from the Scania dealer

Authors: Ron700, Lucas Dantas, SCS


21 thoughts on “VW Beetle 66

  1. Video

  2. Hmm. whenever I find these kind of mods, they always seem to crash my game.. But this looks cool. I’m downloading it 😀

  3. Crashes my game

  4. ClassicDutchTrucker

    It crashes my game also.
    Too bad, it looks fun to drive 😀

  5. Metaltom68

    dont work

  6. ETS2 is Truck simulator, Maybe you should try to add it to fkin NFS game where this should belong

    1. Somepeople dont want to ALLWAYS drive trucks, if you hate it, go download another mod..

    2. ClassicDutchTrucker

      Wow, much butthurt.
      It’s just a fun mod, stop crying.

    3. No Talking

      If you don’t donwload this, it won’t border you kid.

  7. crashes my game

  8. It crashes my game also.

  9. Lucas Dantas

    Sveiki, tai Beetle buvo konvertuota pagal mane, jo savininkas yra [Mažoji]
    Tiesiog buvo perskaičiuotos Lucas Dantas
    Taigi tai buvo ne Ron700, aš noriu, kad mano dėl kredito už darbą
    Pagavau svetainėje: http://www.gtainside.com/download.php?do=comments&cat=138&id=43161

    Ir mano nuotrauka svetainė yra šis: http://www.iflog.com.br/qratigelinha

    Daugiau gerbti kitų darbą, prieš skleidžiant melą.
    Pakeiskite kreditus ar man bus apie jus svetainę

  10. Lucas Dantas

    Hello, this Beetle was converted by me, his owner is [Slow]
    Just been converted by Lucas Dantas
    So it was no Ron700, I want my due credit for the work
    I caught this site: http://www.gtainside.com/download.php?do=comments&cat=138&id=43161

    And my photo site is this: http://www.iflog.com.br/qratigelinha

    More respect the work of others before spreading lies.
    Change the credits or I will report you to the site

    1. Jorge Luis Hoffmann - Coyote

      – Lucas Dantas …
      – Por Favor converte esse Mod pra V.1.22 do Euro Truck 2 …
      – Eu procurava muito um Mod de Fusca pra jogar e o seu é perfeito, mas o Mod ta fechando o jogo depois de ativar ele no jogo …
      – Se possivel atualize ele por favor, gostaria muito de jogar com esse seu Mod no ETS 2

  11. Mercohaulic (Steve)

    ceashes my game as well not a conflict issue cause I loaded it alone with no other mods

  12. Lucas Dantas

    And change the link to the original which is the 4Shared
    Create ashamed of yourself

  13. they are probably one of the worst modder out there. just why they make such a #### online is not going. my whole game is no longer appropriate because of this ###### mod.


  14. Hahah! Like a boss!

  15. Lucas Dantas

    Ron700 that was not converted, I was, Lucas Dantas, I am Brazilian, I got the beetle through the site GTA Inside, the creator of the mod is [Slow], just did the conversion, one proof is the password file if you want I prove, just ask the password, look at my other works in ETS2, ETS1 and PTTM this link: http://iflog.com.br/qratigelinha

  16. diego garza

    tem interior saporra

  17. banger705

    crashes game

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