VW Bob


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Dealers (Man)
Work on: 1.16

QRA Biel


7 thoughts on “VW Bob

  1. ### is this thing?

  2. Its Brasilian 🙂 Every countery has own truck specificities,and its not nice to offend their style,even its ETS2 here,not south America.
    Im not like too that style but not gonna say bad on this,it just waaay much different what we are accustomed to see here on Europe 🙂

  3. Fishwagon22

    I totally agree with you Taunts and I’m from the US

  4. @dr_jaymz

    dude 1 question: WHY, why all brazilian truck mods are rear up? its a fashion thing??? i think it looks awful… nice wheels by the way… cheers

  5. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo

    .. and yet another world record holder for world’s ugliest waste of metal!

  6. Lucas SHAZAM

    I’m from Brazil, for all who do not like this truck style, short and with the back up, it helps a lot to make the curves, due to their amount of springs on each axis, in addition to strengthening and not tip over, aluminum wheels are lighter than iron, and are more beautiful, another reason to have these short models, is that the carts do not take half load only a full load,

  7. MSrihardi

    I think More height in rear axle will have more risk to lower stability at high speed in high way, correct me if i’m wrong

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