VW Constellation v 4.0


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VW Constellation Truck with Interior and Addons
Tested on 1.12.1 version

Authors: Jackson, Filipe Sampaio, Franco Rivero


13 thoughts on “VW Constellation v 4.0

  1. please add the nav inside this truck….

  2. Daniel Zhe

    Finalmente um mod brasileiro que presta! Parabéns!

  3. The_Driver

    Video VW Constellation FullHD

    1. ShuqGrind

      Why must you all keep on making VW trucks? Nobody has make a Leyland truck before.

      1. Maybe because the modder is brazilian and the Constellation is a brazilian truck? And what the hell is a Leyland?

  4. This is actually a really nice mod. Works good and stable, it’s well detailed and unique. Thank you guys!

  5. nice job! thanks!

  6. does it replace any other truck? wich shop is it found?

    substitui algum camião? que loja se encontra?

  7. I’m enjoying driving this truck , very nice detailed , good handling and very fun to drive , It would be great to have an GPS in side . Interior is simple as I imagine it is in the real truck ..however even in a Real one I would add a better Radio perhaps with a screen to make it more comfortable 🙂 ..very good work on this mod .

    1. Faelandaea

      Yeah I tried to add a GPS but the way the compression is on this the author apparently didn;t want us to reskin this at all. This mod cannot be edited. I loved driving it but couldn’t stand the interior colors (just personal taste).

      I contacted the authors directly and they said they will not give permission to re-skin the truck, so in the garage she goes, regardless of how she drives. All my trucks run my fleet colors no matter what. It’s just part of how I play ETS2 for making my videos.

  8. Dylan Kibeet

    Can someone please tell me where I can pick this truck? I’ve installed the mod but can’t find the truck anywhere. I’m running version 1.12.1

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