VW Fuscao v 2.0

VW-Fuscao-1 VW-Fuscao-2

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– Available at the dealership of Man.
– Two types of chassis.
– Eleven types of engines.
– Three types of transmissions.
– Two types of cabins.
– A custom skin, “Petrobras”.
– Over a hundred accessories.

Tested in Version: 1.24.x

Author: Souza SG


10 Responses to VW Fuscao v 2.0

  1. fox_dead_RU says:

    bad bad bad bad do not recommend many bugs to scs cry when they see such a crap

  2. AlexCrazy says:

    so ugly ….

  3. H says:

    Awesome U ugglyy lol

  4. SamoPlsKYS says:

    What is going on with the presenting pose?
    You really want someone to #### your ###?
    Stop making these ugly ### truck

    • zimbatus says:

      Brasilian style. They think that raising the back and lowering the front of the truck improves handling… Pure stupidity.

      • Renato says:

        What you talking about player? Maybe you was thinking like that, reality has nothing to do with this, truckers raise the back of the truck in Brazil ’cause they enjoy this, that’s all f&ck boys!! Shut your $hit & take care of your own stupid business homie

      • SamoPlsKYS says:

        True lol

    • Saito says:

      I have to say that is a #### mod, ugly textures and 3d model, but the fact of the “arched” rear, as we call it, is just a brazilian style of customization, in my opnion, it’s ugly, but, like european trucks that have excessive lights that only serves to waste diesel, american trucks that have railings for ram things, and sun shields that blocks the entire vision, etc… are just things that the truckers thinks that make the truck more “beautiful” but they just make it uglier!

  5. Mauricio says:

    Após testar o mod senti vergonha !!!!
    Por isso que Brasileiro não tem valor o cara vai monta um lixo desses que nem ao menos o capricho de fazer os adesivos teve caminhão trucado totalmente fora da fisica não sabe programar fisica para este tipo de caminhão não faça jovem poxa vida que vergonha que tenho em ler os comentarios dos gringos aqui morro de vergonha nem os melhores moders muitas das vezes vem postar aqui e vc se atreve a isso ??? não nos envergonhe jovem aprenda e aprenda muito depois libere em um site mundial e leve como critica construtiva seu mod esta horrivel não tem fisica não tem textura não tem personalidade apenas o basico do basico prefiro jogar euro truck simulator 1 com os caminhoes originais do que usar esta sua gambiarra.

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