VW Golf GTI Upgrade

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Improved materials and added wheels to ver 1.23
– Beautiful interior with a racing wheel
– Roof rack
– Sport wheels
– Sports rear lights
– Golf is in the style LOW
– It runs on version 1.21 and 1.22 and 1.23
– Sounds of either a truck or a motor Tongue
– After selecting and buying a car is necessary to restart the game, Wheels will be in place
– Horn with Scania
– No driver in the Outback

Mod I improved as will interest in it

Authors: Diablo and others


7 Responses to VW Golf GTI Upgrade

  1. AleRugg2 says:

    Can you fix the speed indicator and the sound, please?

  2. AleRugg2 says:

    Can you fix the speed indicator and the sound?

  3. james tooey says:

    great mod but needs few fixes please
    1. wipers not there please fit them so they work
    2. speedo to work and gearing as 91mph in 1st gear is not 100% true
    3. the sound of engine and horn

  4. Akula says:

    Please i thought you and your crappy team would stick to your shitty unfinished buggy ugly Sprinter instead of doing more crap and inftect internet with

  5. fikuz says:

    Add original stering wheel. Works great on 1.19.x

  6. arturinio says:

    dobry mod ale przydało by się działający licznik prędkości oraz dźwięk bardziej przypominający chociażby samochód

  7. Diablo says:

    Akula This is not my mod I did and I put just a little improved, and do not confuse my work with other moderami

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