Vw Passat Taxi Skin v 1.0


This is a Bulgarian taxi skin for VW Passat B6
Tested on 1.24.xx/1.25.xx

ch0byy, GRM Modding


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4 thoughts on “Vw Passat Taxi Skin v 1.0

  1. RayenGaming

    nice 🙂 ! can you make the New-York and Paris Taxi Skin Please ?

    1. I can if you send me link 🙂

  2. Бр брат

    Mn ti e qko ve brat :DD brao.Kato v Sofia ;DDD.

  3. хора за 1,32 ще стане ли това такси което е скин на бъглгарсько такси ако накой знае да каже

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