VW T2 Pritsche BETA

VW-T-2-Pritsche-BETA-1 VW-T-2-Pritsche-BETA-2

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Find by Renault Dealer
Have Interior and Wheels

Author: Maurício Advíncula


13 Responses to VW T2 Pritsche BETA

  1. Mark (Eliximus) says:

    Hello , looks nice and can’t wait for final version .Keep up good work .

  2. Ich500 says:

    Hey nice VW!!
    The Range T sound mod is nice too !! is it Public ?

  3. Martin says:

    Chav truck innit brah!

  4. yankee71 says:

    c’est le genre de mod qui ne sert a rien

    This is the kind of mod that is useless

    • That is the kind of comment that is useless! says:

      Well, who forced you to download? Please keep away from the keyboard if you heavn´t got anything good to say! Regards 😀

  5. Vitallix says:

    шо у бразильцев с мозгом?

    • apferreira truckman says:

      да есть, трудно найти русского, который не пьян или бомж …

      yes there is, is hard to find a Russian who is not drunk or bum …

  6. Fresh228 says:


  7. Peterson says:

    GOOD keep Work In songs and bugs its is alpha Im need Full 😉

  8. Emilio says:

    Nice!!! but if you want make a small trailer for a job please

  9. rye says:

    do a rhd camper version interior air cooled sound and youve made best mod ever created for ets2 well done top job keep up good work…

  10. rye says:

    t1 splitty rhd air cooled next please i would pay you

  11. yengo says:

    sorry, but this \thing\ is nothing but extremely ugly

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