Waberer’s Schmitz Trailer

waberers-1 waberers-2

Standalone trailer included in traffic.
Tested on 1.26x
Compatible with all trailers packs.

Do not re-upload.

PRN_FR ETS-Modding ; TZ_Express & MDModding


9 thoughts on “Waberer’s Schmitz Trailer

  1. Ez nagyon ronda, nem is hasonlít az igazira.

  2. It’s very ugly, nothing like the real thing.

  3. Yes, that´s right.

    And the Lamps on the Backside are red.

    1. Thanks!

    2. yordidutch

      if you think you can make a better one do it and send me a link on facebook yordi greven see you there

      1. I can make only better.

  4. PRN_FR ETS-Modding

    Make better Bali8000 make better!

  5. Here is a better “PRN_FR ETS-Modding” :http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/DXjnHGgN/file.html

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