Waberer’s Volvo FH16 skin


Waberer’s realistic skin for new Volvo.
Tested: 1.7.1



7 thoughts on “Waberer’s Volvo FH16 skin

  1. nice skin Sparrow, TYVMuch

    is there somewhere a Waberer’s realistic Trailer?

  2. This is my website. Here is my all mods.

    1. DennisGebhart

      I made a Waberer’s Trailer a few weeks back, it is in the trailer section :)!

      1. Oh, yes.
        I did. This is mine: https://ets2.lt/en/waberers-trailer-pack/

  3. thanks guysz

  4. thedadmen

    Hi dude , i have problem because this skin is not compatibile with mod for accessory in cab. Why not working .

  5. This volvo fuel tanks is not real

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