Waeco Air Conditioner CA-1000 CA-800 V 1.5


This mod adds air conditioning Waeco in CA-800 CA-1000 models, these models were made by multiple authors and in this version achieves improve it by adding the option of placing the inside of the air conditioning so you have to have the DLC Cabin Accessories.
Compatible Trucks
– Scania R / Waeco CA-800 and CA-1000
– Scania Streamline / Waeco CA-800 and CA-1000
– Scania RJL / Waeco CA-800 and CA-1000
– Mercedes Actros MP3 / Waeco CA-800
– Volvo FH16 2009 / Waeco CA-800 and CA-1000
Compatible Cabins
– Topline / Higline
– Topline / Higline / EXC Topline / Longline
– Topline / Higline
– Megaspace
– Globetrotter XL / Globetrotter



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  1. ### What you try to do

  2. can+you+for+mp4++for+scs?

  3. For Daf euro6 ???

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