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Walk about camera for all default truck.
Including Ohaha Volvos, Scania R, T, RJL, MADster MAN.
I don’t test all truck. So let’s try

Author: piva

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14 Responses to Walk About Camera

  1. Sandi Hafti Brammen says:

    How to activate the camera

  2. Sandi Hafti Brammen says:

    How to activete te cam i activated the mod ?

  3. Hauser says:

    Brilliant. Works well in Mercedes Actros.
    Thank you.

  4. RoAdRuNnEr says:

    A simple good Idea….

    Can you maybe for next Update fly with Camera from Cabin complete around the Truck ? From Left Side and from the Right side to back from Truck/Trailer ?

    Thats be very nice when it goes for new Photo Impressions or Driving Style´s i think…

    GOOD WORK alswell 😉

    • piva says:

      I think yes. But how many times you turn around in one direction, so many times you can turn back. You want this?

      • RoAdRuNnEr says:

        I want only tun around 1 time from Cabin Left/Right out to Back from Truck/Trailer…..maybe with litl bit more Space from Truck/Trailer Camera looks, so u can Drive with the Truck and see what´s going on in Front during Drive…..

        I think this is a great new Idea to Play with ETS2 in new Camera perspectives….(not only key 1-8) 😉

        Piva , i think your great about to make new Stuff in ETS2, so many things u made has never make another been before…..I hope your Ideas going never out for this ……..Good Boy!

  5. wegger says:

    Nice work!

  6. The_Gorminator says:

    Could you make this for stock ATS trucks?
    Nice mod!

  7. OttomanGuy says:

    thanks for mod, good job bro! I also tried Scania rjl mod.. not crash or noncompatible. enjoY!

  8. Phillip says:

    I have one question.Works this mod with Eugene’s Volvo rework?

  9. italianoGT says:

    Update to ETS 1.30,please

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