Warehouse Brussel

Here is a new warehouse at Brussel

Ficfic & DaikynCH


10 thoughts on “Warehouse Brussel

  1. Ghostrider

    Hallo ficfic.
    Nice work.
    Can you Make this for Dresden pleace

    1. Hello, thank you
      No time sorry…

  2. JaroslavVanSturen

    Next in Sweden or Norway please

    1. I don’t think

  3. xXTruckerXx

    Bon travail. Tu pourrai en faire 1 a Groningen stp? Merci

    1. Non désolé et merci!

  4. what is the meaning off this when there is not any function

    1. We make it, to all players cho don’t deliver their trailers, because they do dock simulator (sorry if it is not very english)

  5. Trucker123456789

    Work whirte promods???

    1. I don’t think so

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