Water Reflection

water-reflection-1 water-reflection-2 water-reflection-3

Mod change water reflection for Sea, River, Lake
Each water reflection defferent.
Use one texture file by Pavel Agarkov

Piva, Павел Агарков

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11 thoughts on “Water Reflection

  1. It works for all maps? Any game version ?

    1. All maps, all versions

      1. Piratxxx11

        Yes..and.. really nice work 😉 my test… :

      2. Thanks Piva!

  2. Piva can you make camera,(back ) for Scania RJL but for gps???

    1. No. It need to change RJL truck model. Ask RJL.

      1. Οκ thanks!

  3. Piva+.+You+have+traffic+density+mid+pc+on+1.26+??+Or+dasboard+v8+scania+rjl+1.26+fix+?..+Thanks..+Sorry+my+nglish+so+poor+:(

    1. Already published.

  4. спасибо!

  5. Dear Piva, I appreciate your mods and especially traffic density. I tried this one and I checked the difference. first I looked the sea side near Amsterdam and indeed a beautiful improvement. then I crossed a bridge near Munich (coming from Innsbruck) ad I noticed something weird in the water. I stopped and had a look around. well the river looked ugly, like some pieces of icebergs. maybe you could have a look and correct this for future updates 😉

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