Weather for 1.20 + Flare + Traffic


Completly updated Weather mod for 1.20 from
Day of the year is august 21, because white nights in scandinavia ended and weather mod have normal dark nights
Flare mod makes separate by request
Included standalone my private traffic mod with correct coefficients
traffic balance – 70% cars, 25% trucks, 5% buses

1.20 only



4 thoughts on “Weather for 1.20 + Flare + Traffic

  1. TY for keep each target in separated scs files.

    When the player wish uninstall or replace the traffic, uses only a small size scs file, without need download again a big scs file

    IMHO, it is very bad, weird, bizarre.. mix goals in same/one .scs file:

    if exists a skin mod and the gamer discover when playing that it changed interior as well… and so on. and he already had another interior mod that was replaced… XD
    This fact kill the possibility the gamer can uses each mod like wanna with modularity

    What to do if a trailer pack mod replaces names of warehouses?
    and if the player wish keep the default names, of like other names? he don’t have escape and do unnecessary management. If wish uses another warehouses name will need unnecessary reloads of sii files.

    What to do if a truck mod changes economy, police , game data? and worst. do not warn that do that. Exists this one.

    What to do if a map mod changes the weight of trailers? map is map. trailers are trailers,m don’t? How a usuall player can separate this? using another unnecessary trailer pack? Ask to creator with huge ego that say: NO with anger?

    TY again for separate these goals.

  2. I hope you do not take offense – correct resolution logo/icon

  3. Nice job, thanks Piva

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