Weather Mod v 1.6

Weather-Mod-v-1.6-1 Weather-Mod-v-1.6-2 Weather-Mod-v-1.6-3

New in 1.6 version:
– Night shortened (according to the current weather)
– Small changes in bad weather

Author: Lamandus


8 thoughts on “Weather Mod v 1.6

  1. woks with improved weater

  2. NaughtyBear

    Nice mod. 😀

  3. LionBuster

    Compatible with 1.9.22?

  4. LazMohawk

    I do thing that wanderwall ‘aka fannydriver ‘aka Balll_Callla trying to steal some attention on Youtube as a author for different Mod from ETS2.LT. Keep an eyewith him.

  5. I like the previous versions.

    I have a doubt:

    works on ETS 1.8.x and/or 1.9.x?

  6. LazMohawk


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