Weeda schmitz trailer coupling animation


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Animation trailer coupling added. works in version 1.25 en earlier.

grtz Zeeuwse Trucker



9 Responses to Weeda schmitz trailer coupling animation

  1. zoso says:

    you are the original author of the trailer?
    please reply

    • zeeuwsetrucker says:

      I post them before, in the weeda total pakkage, i did not make them.
      i added the trailer animation. The trailer is posted several times in the past, i think Matdom1988 has make the trailer but i am not shore. I forgot to name him, sorry about that.

      • zoso says:

        Ciao Zeeuwsetrucker I like your answer
        you are a sincere person and congratulations for the animation, the authors of the trailer areTZ exspress and Matdom1988, I pointed out that because no one respects the credits and many modders have disappeared.
        And in the future I will also respect your name.
        CiaoZ my friend I hope you have not offended.
        I do not speak English

        • zeeuwsetrucker says:

          I always respect the creators of the wonderful mods they make, but my computer is such a mess that sometimes i find a old mod witch i like to use, and i can’t find who has created it. It’s time to clean up my pc, and from now on i place a txt file with them with the creator so i can never forget.
          Grtz ZT

          • zoso says:

            I will also understand I have a mess in my PC,
            do not worry I knew right away that you are a very proper person.
            Question: Where can I find a video tutorial how to create animated trailer? thank you
            If you are interested in adding new trailers in ETS2studio you can find the video tutorials in this forum
            just write Zoso

          • zeeuwsetrucker says:

            You can find it in scs map or DL this mod, in trailer map look for “universal_brace” 3 files, just copy to your own trailer and don’t forget the DEF file.

          • zoso says:

            Ciao Zeeuwsetrucker thanks for your help.
            I had already tried it on my trailer and also modified the file def
            but the game has crashed maybe I made some mistakes (I had studied a Matdom1988 mod)
            I will use your files.
            Thanks again
            Ciao CiaoZ?

          • zoso says:

            Solved, I found a very small error
            in a string I added a point (by mistake)
            I could not see it.
            Comparing your file.def with my I could find the error.
            Thanks so much for your time

  2. jesan says:

    Na, na, its’ TZ EXPRESS

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