Westernstar 49x Cargo Truck ETS2 1.38

Westernstar 49x for ets2 1.38.
customize the interior.
A three-axle chassis and a dump truck were added.
Cargo truck chassis added.
And other accessories.
Thanks for downloading the mod.



5 thoughts on “Westernstar 49x Cargo Truck ETS2 1.38

  1. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    Hi brother, how are you? I love your mods a lot and even many people asked me about you on my YouTube channel. I’ve seen this mod before, in the next installment of ATS (1.39) Open Beta, it’s a wonder !, but I think your mod is somewhat incomplete.

    reason why I do not hear that the engine of series, does not emit any type of sound.

    I hope that in your next installment you can add many more interesting things.

    you did an excellent job anyway my friend. I have put my thumb up.

    greetings from Argentina!

    1. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

      this model truck will be available on my (CTVLR) channel VERY SOON.

    2. Muchas gracias por tu comentario cuando la actualice para la 1.39 le agregaré más detalles. Saludos

  2. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    VIDEO TEST ETS2 MODS 2020 – Copery TV [GreenLime]

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