Wettermod V1.8


I imagine my Wettermod here. There are some small changes that really liked me personally. The following changes:
Dark night, going from 20-6 Clock (dawn was shortened).
All types of clouds built (there were a few official Cloud Sky were not used).
50% chance to have fog in the morning (different density)
Storm is gone. If it rains then, really only rain.
When “good weather” it can also be very cloudy.
Streetlights off the evening by 19 clock in and clock out at 7.
Since tastes are different, you can not really do it all right.
Me is also aware that there are certain mods for weather properties that are easily evaluated differently and sometimes better than. This mod alone corresponds to my taste.



4 Responses to Wettermod V1.8

  1. Beth says:

    Does It Work On Steam Beta v1.14.0.3?

  2. moki says:

    same question

  3. matpol98 says:

    What this guy above said ^^^
    Does it hurt to write the version it is tested on? đŸ˜‰

  4. matpol98 says:

    Nope, does not look like it works on the 14.x versions. Atleast i didnt see any streetlights by 19 o’clock.

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