WF Fred Skin #5 1.37

An updated version of a older skin I made for Freds Scania , this one works in 1.37 and is changeable and metallic

Truck mod here ->



11 thoughts on “WF Fred Skin #5 1.37

  1. Dude I think you will make Freds very angry with your mods, he is very touchy.

    1. ####, tell me what is he doing wrong? He bought the model, makes his OWN skins for it and shares those skins publicly.
      Those skins obviously won’t work without the truck itself, so anyone want to use these skins already have bought the model or is going to buy it.
      If he’s angry about it, it’s not even justified.
      Don’t forget Fred’s the one selling property illegal as i doubt he has licences or even aproval from Scania 😉

      1. +1
        That’s exactly what I was thinking when I thought about the license to use the name, the model of the truck and all that ensues …

        and this : This Product is DMCA Protected. Every illegal sharing – reselling will be punished has no value without the rights approved by Scania

      2. I only did a bit of irony, because I had some discussion with Freds. For the rest I agree with you and everything is illegal, even the real logos on the skins no one is allowed and even the Modders use the main SCS files (they are free everyone but not for profit) if you want to know more about my thoughts read 2 pages behind the mod coca cola.

      3. AvM Transport

        & i was thinking, no one will understand what I think about pay mods. I full agree with you, KDG & thimic51.

  2. Fred is not good guy!

  3. SCS as a company do not wish to have paid mods. The legality of paid mods is in a grey area when it comes to the use of branding and logos used without the consent of the owners. While we understand that not all paid mods use the IP of other companies/people, it is very hard to moderate what is an isn’t acceptable when money is involved. There are also concerns that it could look unfavourable to potential work partners going forward if SCS allow mods that may potentially use unlicensed branding. As such the only option is to simply disallow all paid mods on the official forums/sites.
    They don’t deserve a cent – it’s absolute copyright infringement, theft for profit, disrespect for other people’s work and the original finished product!

    1. agree and SCS just don’t give a fck. Today I came across a guy who, based on stock Peterbilt, using parts from another mod, sold the mod as a “limited version” for $ 105. And when I said that this was not right, a herd of trolls came running and began to talk about the need to respect other people’s work

      1. It’s good SCS doesn’t giva a fck! They keep themselfs out of this situation as far as possible, and that’s actually the best thing to do.
        SCS acknowlegdes the existing of paymods, but that where it stops. No one from SCS is involved in any sort of way with paymods, they banned any sort of paymods from their forum, no paymods are allowed to be linked anymore. So they are safe from any legal actions that might be taken towards modders that sell paymods.

        Legal actions can only be taken by Scania itself. Truth is, most of the times, if it’s just one modder with a few models for sale, it’s not really worth the hassle as a company to sue a single guy. (that doesn’t mean it’s not happening, but it’s kinda rare)

      2. The truth is painful, no need to be a sissy in that case! 😉

  4. Someone made a good point above, how can this guy Fred not want people making skins for the mod he made when he uses Scanias intellectual property? Did he pay Scania a licence, no he didn’t. So have can he damand someone not make skins.

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