Wheel Rim Pack for Trucks and Trailers 1.48 – 1.49

Mod adds 39 new variants of front rims and 47 new variants of rear rims.
Mod adds 21 variants of front tires and 21 variants of rear tires.
Mod adds 50 variants of front hub and 54 variants rear hub
Mod, 39 yeni ön jant çeşidi ve 47 yeni arka jant çeşidi ekler.
Mod, 21 ön lastik çeşidi ve 21 çeşit arka lastik ekler.
Mod, 50 çeşit ön göbek ve 54 çeşit arka göbek ekler

Mod adds 51 new Trailer rims,54 variants rear hub,21 variants of tires.

Mod, 51 yeni Römork jantı, 54 farklı arka göbek, 21 farklı lastik ekler

tested 1.49



2 thoughts on “Wheel Rim Pack for Trucks and Trailers 1.48 – 1.49

  1. Upload it on ModsUpload.com
    They are paying 500% more money for each download.
    Don’t waste your time with Sharemods my friend 🙂

    I switched from sharemods to modsupload and the difference is huge.
    Try and you will see 🙂

  2. Olá tem como melhorar os pneus, na chuva fica complicado dirigir. O seu mod é perfeito, apenas a aderência e o consumo q não ajuda muito, se possível um A-B ou B-A, um A-A talvez. Agradeço se me ajudar.

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