Wheels + Axles + Trailer Sound for 1.19


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– Interior and exterior sound of a mix of SCREAMING truck gear axles and semitrailer tires.
– It does NOT replace any default or mod engine sound. It just adds background sound, so it should work with any truck, either vanilla or mod.

– SCS for sound files and main config.
– Ludmilla Power for interior cab sound file.
– Me (Irreo/Katixa) for parameters values, sound edit (pitch, volumes, noise, etc.)

Irreo / Katixa


4 thoughts on “Wheels + Axles + Trailer Sound for 1.19

  1. Thanks

  2. WHOA! Great sounding, looks like real! Loved the mod, thx!!!

  3. thamishetty

    excellent thnks very much to the authors and all the best for more sound mods

  4. please narrow road mod

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