White Krone Coolliner (Multiplayer)


You can get white Krone Coolliner trailer in multiplayer (ATTENTION!: WORKS ONLY WITH SCANDINAVIA DLC!)
To get it working you need to go into Singleplayer, hook up the trailer in Kristiansand, Oil company (forgot how it’s called) Norway, go to multiplayer and the trailer will stay white, don’t mind if the mod turns off when you go to multiplayer



5 thoughts on “White Krone Coolliner (Multiplayer)

  1. MP player

    Awesome thanks!

  2. [Transpele]Andrey

    Mozhite jump out onto this mod which adds the black plastic on the bottom of the scan ( bumpers , Fenders and so on . D . ) I will be very thankful or give sssylku this mod.


    1tons help 18 tons no 1 ton beatşful 1 tons trailer help white trailer 1 tons help !!!

  4. Answer pls...

    What oil company kristiansand doesnt have one?

  5. What is the name of that Scania’s skin? I looking for them all days.

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