White Martins Tanker Skin


Replaced AeroDynamic Trailer

Author: Oliveira Dias


5 thoughts on “White Martins Tanker Skin

  1. ###!!! Thank you sooo much for this trailer!! Could you make this trailer with the Air Products skin? Please

    Here is a Picture:


  2. Great 🙂

  3. Marrcelo Sanchez

    Dear friend:
    The mod is excellent, one of the best trailers I’ve seen.
    Replacement for Aerodynamic Trailer is inappropriate.
    The type of load carried Aerodynamic Trailer not correspond to a tanker, for example, tomatoes, etc..
    Should be made independent, or replace another tanker.
    Great job, thanks for sharing!
    Best Regards!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  4. rodrigo mota dos santos

    This trailer wasn´t modeled by him. Its my trailer and i have made standalone. i have all the z3d files to prove that s mine

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