Wielton M2 v 2.0

Wielton-M2-v-2.0-1 Wielton-M2-v-2.0-2

New Wielton Trailer
Replace Krone Cooliner Trailer
Removed some bugs, changed mats, added fakeshadow

Authors: Koristo, błążej123, Syncron Paulo, Ventyres, ExclusiveUA


8 thoughts on “Wielton M2 v 2.0

  1. the trailer is very good! to be perfect but it should be standalone.
    Instead of replacing the trailer cooliner it is not possible to be standalone?

    1. I will try make it standlone at evening 🙂

      1. good idea, thanks

  2. dkeifnjasfei

    oh my gawd, very very nice Trailer. Awesome 🙂 thank you so much

  3. ComandoreOne

    Thanks Fenix for trying to make it standalone!

    This wold be amazing! Just make it simple and clean and belive me you will be the man of this week!

    Best Regards and with Respect ComandoreOne.

  4. Good job!Thank you!

  5. would be nice to have more than one skin for the trailer

  6. it doesn’t work, don’t know why. clean \mod\ folder and still original scs trailers..

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