Wielton NS3K M2 Mega *LixFeld Spedition*

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Wielton NS3K M2 Mega *LixFeld Spedition*
– Standalone Trailer
– Work on v1.28
– is a LowDeck Trailer !
please dont reupload !

EdekLs, Borsuk, Skin by Mr.GermanTruck


4 thoughts on “Wielton NS3K M2 Mega *LixFeld Spedition*

  1. Ciao,Mr.GermanTruck, but this trailer does not seem standalone
    or am I wrong?
    question, you no longer have to delete the hookup folder.
    If you can answer me please,
    Thank you CiaoZ

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      hookup Folder is in the Mod included and i dont have delete it.
      And is not Standalone, my mistake 😉

      1. Ok, thank you for having responded to me.

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