Winter Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod v 0.9

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Beta version for add-on for using Realistic Graphics Mod with Frosty Winter from Grimes.

– The cloudy weather has been added, less sunny weather;
– Changed the lighting to suitable for winter;
– Removed cumulus clouds;
– Temperature is below zero;
– Mod includes Darker Graphics Addon and Promods Compatibility Addon, they need to be disabled, if used.

With other winter modes, correct operation and correct lighting are not guaranteed.
Compatible with ProMods 2.25 and RusMap. With other maps not tested.
Game version is 1.30. RGM version is 1.9.2-2.0.1. Frosty Winter version is 6.5.

The order of mods installation in the mod-manager (the first item has the highest priority):
1. Winter Add-on;
2. Add-ons for Frosty Winter, if necessary;
3. Realistic Graphics Mod;
4. Frosty Winter.

Update 0.9

– Improved climate, redesigned fog;
– Increased the probability of Sunny weather;
– Minor bug fixes.

Itsuken (yatskiyart)


6 thoughts on “Winter Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod v 0.9


    Be waiting for Earley&Late Aautumn !

    1. Autumn has already passed, I will do it for spring =)

  2. Mak-Kyver

    Authors: Itsuken, SGate, Supric, Frkn64, Grimes. i suppose?

    1. Yeah.

  3. SortingHat

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    It’s funny that you Europeans are discovering the 64 bit compatibility mode issues we had back in 2007 and right after Americans dumped computers for phones unless all they do is hack n slash and treat computers as only a game machine. An expensive one at that.

  4. SortingHat

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    “I got a PC in my pocket” a lame PC that is that can barely do much beyond social and shopping.

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