Winter EDIT 4.0 IW Version


BleDrajor Winter EDIT 4.0 version with Improved Weather 2.0

-Fixed physic
-Fixed loading screens
-HDR Tweaks
-new flare and traffic headlights
-Some changes on sunset/sunrise time

BleDrajor, BlackOpen, Uxot


8 thoughts on “Winter EDIT 4.0 IW Version

  1. IRiS(JAPAN)

    With TSM work?

  2. Does it work on 1.13.1s version?

  3. Teebeutelsauger

    Is IW included or is it just compatible with it?

  4. Not sure if it works on TSM,1.14 only,IW 2.0 is included

  5. Its a nice mod. Maybe you could add snow on roads in next update and make it snow instead of rain.

    1. rofl, does it Really rain with this? That gotta be the best joke ever. Untill that is fixed im not going to download/use it.

      1. Well sir go ahead and re-write the game code to change rain to snow,the most we can do to be close to snow is change the rainblob on windshield to make it more appear like snowflakes..lets just say melting snow

  6. Great mod!

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