Winter Edit V2


Re-edited winter mod:

-Some new road textures,which was darken
-darker roads to mimic wet roads
-wet roads stays longer after rain/snow
-added some “slush” on the side of the roads

First screenshot are wet roads/darker roads,second is Slush on the

BleDrajor (Uxot and Axis for Edit)


21 thoughts on “Winter Edit V2

  1. OverSpeed ( komy )

    works with realistic psyhics mod v7.0 ?

  2. Does this work with Realistic Physics?

    1. I think your question should be re-phrased to ”

      Does this even WORK …


    2. Oh it works but not with realistic physics. Steering and breaking are altered. Result when road is wet is a skating rink and your truck is the skate. AI unaffected.

      1. Well go ahead and re-write the A.I so they are affected by the physic file -_- and yeah it got its on physic so not gonna work well with realistic physic ON

        1. @Uxot Did i say this was a complaint? Did i say anything other than give a description of the files i downloaded and tested out? A description in answer to some questions being asked that were not provided. The description given with the post was cosmetic, in case you hadn’t noticed?

          1. oh ok sry my bad

  3. Works perfect. Thanx

  4. Winter Edit V2 Video

    1. Thanks 🙂

  5. Good job! Suggestion: More slippery roads, more hard drive, snow on top of AI cars.

  6. NOTE:the screenshots took where with weather quality to medium..high/ultra makes the road really shiny. (realistic) recommended to have Realistic Physic OFF.

    1. Do you can make it for the Promods map?

      1. Well it should work for promods just some vegetations will be green (uncovered by snow)unless i missed something else riding around in promods?

  7. Why does the game crash when I start it up with this mod? When I take it out game dosn’t crash at all… It crashes with mods or even with out them.

    1. i dont know what to say i use around 25 mods with it no problem …check console or game.log (last line)

      1. Well this show up – 00:00:10.434 : Map successfully loaded.
        00:00:10.464 : Map initialization started ….
        00:00:10.549 : Map initialization finished.
        00:00:10.549 : Map load time: 1304ms (53 MB)

        1. Sorry for late answer..if you have improved weather ON turn it off,or get a new version of this mod.

  8. currently working on EDITV3 some textures fixes,physic re-touch..

  9. download link does not work for me, anyone have an alternate download site? thanks…

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