Winter Mod

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Winter Mod optimized for 1.14.x game versions
Bug and lags optimized

Author: Red Expert

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12 Responses to Winter Mod

  1. melios says:

    Can i use it with TSM ?

  2. danielcdar says:

    is it just visual or the grip is actually reduced?

    (cant download,having some issues with the internet)

  3. Grandpa says:

    Works with 1.13 ??

  4. bobin says:

    Hey, whats with the extra file named RED Expert 2014 in the rar file? Is it a keylogger?

    • Verbatim says:

      Red Expert is a graphics enhancement mod that can be used separately to the Winter mod.
      This says that it is an updated version of Red expert but the actual mod says October LAST year in it’s modified section.(I have the original version from last year and it is Identical!)
      The Winter Mod is also an old version from November last year, again it’s identical to that version and not updated.
      All being said that these are OLDER mods from 2013, they may still work fine.
      Sorry just saying it for what it is.


  5. derBarni says:

    Both mods work perfectly, I use them in combination with TSMap 5.2 and RusMap 1.3.5.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lomoi says:

    Hello, if you use this mod when you use Promod, the game will crash. When i turn off this mod the game loads with promod. PLEASE fix this.

  7. Calin says:

    Wheels link plz ?

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