Winter Mod + Red Expert

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Winter Mod + Red Expert for 1.13.x game versions
Tested with Rus Map
Works with the latest Improved weather mod

Author: Red Expert

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24 thoughts on “Winter Mod + Red Expert

  1. work on all maps ??

  2. Compatibile with ProMods?

    1. BanditGamingHD

      yes i have Promods and it`s work, see the video

  3. RobViguurs

    does it works with hungary map? and can we lose the control of the truck sometimes when it snows?

    1. cristakey

      1) 80% yes
      2) yes

  4. Very nice however it is Winter in Deseret area of TSM 5.2 so its kinda strange , if the winter could be limited to Europe + rusia it would be great.

    1. Same procedure as every year… The further south you go, the better it is to inable this mod… 😉

  5. Amazing Winter Mod!

  6. cristakey

    Does it work with IWR 3.5?

  7. Winter mod please for 1.12 version with TSM 5.1 ?

    1. Please read the posts before, if you get in TSM in further south, u should disable it, or you have snow in Africa and will be guilty in Climate Problems 😉

      1. Nefertiti

        it does snow in Africa, like Morocco (featured in TSM) which has quite a high annual snowfall.

  8. Great mod! But need to add the truck physics, to make it more realistic driving. I hope i can add that aspect.

    Anyway, thnx! for the mod!

  9. good mod but snow in the tunnel hamburg

    1. Its always ben snow in the tunnels. And i dont think its possible to fix since the roads uses the same texture and all that. So its not possible to make a seperate texture for that road without having to re-create the hole tunnel.

      1. @dr_jaymz

        what about rain? when is raining outside inside the tunnel is not

  10. Not slippery at all if it have ben slippery i would like it but its not

  11. I play orginal game with me this mod will not work with tsm 5.2 and rus map, if anyone else has the same problem?

  12. Faelandaea

    You say this when you know for a fact that comments are individually moderated before they go live. And don;t say you didn;t know that because by posting you read, understood, and clearly agreed to the terms and conditions of the site.

  13. sorry wrong forum, sorry, sorry … !!

  14. Is this mod working whit TSM 5.2?

  15. scaniar440

    no slippy effect? if it isint on the mod THANK YOU!!!

  16. Congrats!
    This mod still Good!Work with Ets2 1.15 and TSM 5.3.1.
    There are some minor works on roads but is still good.Snow instead rain is good.

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