Winter Mod V 1.3.1


Here’s a winter mod is where you, the automatic transmission can totally forgot

Authors: goba6372, Dalnobojschik


27 thoughts on “Winter Mod V 1.3.1

  1. as his

  2. Hi, will this work with TSM v2.1??

  3. Can you make scs ever?

  4. where to install this mod ?

  5. BILLY the GREAT

    The people who bought ETS2 in a store as DVD don’t have this folders in their install directory….inclunding me….So where we put those folders….Not in our ### i suppose 😛

    1. steve silent

      @billy the great

      have you put scs files in before, you will find the mod folder in your documents folder

    2. LegoLeipzig

      That comes in the folder of the mod’s own Daten/EuroTruck2

      Das kommt in dem Ordner Mod der ist in Eigene Daten/EuroTruck2

  6. hum what about an actual in-game screenshot………………

  7. Here’s what it looks like on 1.3.1

    I had a helluva time going anywhere. Might be better with the Scania 8×6.

  8. hey, where do I find my mods? I download them and put them in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. but where in the game do I find them? have tried to download a map, but doesn’t find it in the game…… help please??? send a mail to [email protected]

  9. This mod has been done horrible wrong. I don’t see any resemblance with real situation, that highway drags you down to 58km/h due “winter”. Also, when you hit highway overpass, the physics reset and truck begins to accelerate until the overpass is over. Then it decelerates back to certain value. In real life, the road type shouldn’t drag you down, just, how slippery it is.

    BTW, to install this – unzip the .7z to get .zip, then copy the .zip into your users Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\Mods folder, and modify your profile to include that .zip (ingame). Or just begin a new career with that mod included. The plain mod itself isn’t good.

    1. Oops. Seems that its the physics engine within the game, which to blame at first place.

      Great skinning anyways. Just driving the snow didn’t feel like one. Just the eyes getting burned out due snow felt same 😀

  10. How to install this mod?

    Jak zainstalowac ten mod?

  11. its awsome its just hard get into speed always start slipping

  12. +27 in winter time!!!!!! are you kidding??

  13. Thomasa123

    If i install it can i uninstall it and just go on?

    1. Yes. You unzip the file once, which will unzip an even bigger zip file (186 MB). You do not need to unzip this a second time. Place the ZIP file it in the game’s user folder: My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod. Then, load the game and “Edit” your profile. You will see that you can enable/disable the mod whenever you want by simply ticking a box 🙂

  14. super mod the world is full of snow and it is nice to drive a truck at winter

  15. No .scs files are found in extracted folder

    1. 1. Put ETS2 map v.3.1 snow in:

      \My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

      2. Load the game.

      3. Edit your profile. You should see the mod listed on the right, along with a check-box.

      1. The file should be 186 MB.

  16. I puted ETS2 map v.3.1 snow rar zip in: \My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod and than I started the game, clicked that Zip file and started new career. Than I have recieved error massage…

    Some help please…

  17. its not working help me guys

  18. Which version of this patch work?

  19. The phat v why can not.please saolusinya yes in order to

  20. Rajveer nanda

    Owner of this site and any body please tell me,how i play this map mods in version tell me what i do?how i play this beautifuls maps mods in ets2 latest version,what to do by me…..please tell me solutions please…..please….please…..please…;(;(;(

  21. Rajveer nanda

    I don’t know what is patch file,what is scandinavia with patch,dlc pack with patch.i just download ets2 latest version (base game),how i join maps,trucks,trailers,interiors,cars/buses,skins mods for my game,because this mods are very beautiful.i want to play this,what should i do????please tell me….what i download….with patch yea only base game…please tell me…i am totally confused…please help me……please.. :(:(

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