Winter Mod v 1.4

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-It works on version 1.30
-All dlc`s are supported

-Snow sticks on the windows
-textures improved
-textures overwritten

black dragon


19 Responses to Winter Mod v 1.4

  1. Luki35 says:

    Ktore z tych 3 plikow usunac snieg z drogi

  2. black dragon says:

    Luki35 żaden plik nie usuwa śniegu z ulicy, a mod fizyki sprawia, że ​​wszystko się poślizgnie

  3. Shinobi says:

    Wtf???lightning in the middle of winter?you must take out that,for sure!!!

  4. MidNight says:

    What a nonsense! Thunderstorm during winter

  5. Badger says:

    I think what these ungrateful knobs are trying to say is thanks mate excellent mod but yes the lightning is out of place and would be great if it is possible to edit that out for another version ?

  6. Badger says:

    If you lot want good mods from developers stop talking to them like assholes hae

  7. fullxpert says:

    Молния зимой это что-то ))

  8. black dragon says:

    Thanks for reporting because of the thunderstorm

  9. starrry2020 says:

    Thanx q works great 🙂

  10. berkay çetin says:

    dosya bozuk yükleniyor ama winwar açılmıyor hata veriyor

  11. Евгенич says:

    как его распаковать? rar и zip не открывают.

  12. iTzSplashed says:

    working with the promods?

  13. Riff says:


  14. black dragon says:

    why password its no password in there

  15. iTzSplashed says:

    Is it working with Promods+Rusmap? Im asking 2nd time now 🙁

  16. black dragon says:

    i think it works with pro mods and rus map

  17. iTzSplashed says:

    okay i’ll try it then, i play with both maps

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