Winter Mod v 2.0


This mod makes sure that your new tires dirty textures have with snow in the profile and these are the standard rear wheels with snow chains.
With this mod you have smooth roads so you have to drive very carefully. Will probably not be suitable for keyboard players.
Amended Physiks the truck with less braking effect
Load times are calculated on an average speed of 40 km / h because of the bad road conditions.

– New road textures
– New sidewalk textures
– New tree textures
– New textures hedges
– Very many new textures in horizon
– Rather dark (about 19 clock), and later Hell (about 6 clock)
– Vehicles always drive with your lights
– Partially dirty vehicles and trailers
– Particle snow tires

Authors: Icemann29, ETS2, ETS, GTS, Rondomedia


51 thoughts on “Winter Mod v 2.0

  1. Works with TSM?

    1. Yes it does.
      Doesn’t work with red expert mod tho.

  2. Please, upload to, because this hosting isn’t working for some reason, when you click download, it just does nothing.

    1. japapapapa

      hello good sir, just wait. For me it took 2 Minutes then i got the Download option πŸ™‚

      drive save πŸ™‚

    2. ets2master

      what browser do you have? i downloaded from ie 11 you click download wait 30sec write in letters from picture click download and it starts.

      1. ets2master

        (to stmalk)

  3. strumf123

    work on scandinavia map mod?

    1. yes it works with scandinavia map mod πŸ™‚

  4. strumf123

    work on scandinavia mod:?

  5. Won’t Download FromSharemods. Please Upload To Another Host πŸ™‚

  6. click on free dl button-close adverts-click on free dl button again, and it should say sending then it should download ok. it works for me anyway…

  7. werkt wel duurt een paar min geduld is een schoone zaak

  8. super_pushkin

    please upload to another file sharing

  9. 1.7?

  10. Works with TSM and 1.7

    But there are no snow chains for rear wheels.

  11. not workind downloadlink

  12. The download works fine, click free download buton it opens new window and has a countdown clock once it stops hit the download button and it downloads.

  13. I download mods with mobile phone browser…. then put on comp… no problems

  14. Robisierra

    Great mod, many thanks πŸ™‚

    Works with patch 1.7 and TSM 4.1.2

    Here are some screens from the game

  15. Hey so how is this mod does it work with the promods? Going east DLC? And does it snow instead of rain let me know what you think of it guys before I download?

    1. Downloading now, I’ll let you know Snake – I have Promods + DLC too

      1. Works perfect!

  16. doesn’t work with TSM 4

  17. umm its not winter yet…

    1. depends where you live!!

  18. In my opinion, this is the best winter mode for ETS 2… It isn’t perfect, it has some faults (like thunders during snowing), but this mode has big advantage – slippery roads in this winter mode are reality.

  19. I can not manage to download πŸ™

    1. What do you mean exactly? I’ve just downloaded it no problem…

  20. been driving with mod for 3-4 hours and ain’t rained or snow with rain set at halfway

  21. Ahh sounds good vencto thank you for your input

  22. All roads are clear. no snow on them, and trees in front row are green (trees near road. Is there any part of map where is all or half covered with snow and which part is that? Using dlc east, version 1.7

  23. Edit:
    All roads are clear. no snow on them, and trees in front row are green (trees near road. Is there any part of map where ROADS are all or half covered with snow like in pictures and which part is that? Using dlc east, version 1.7

    ATM i am in Germany and side roads including highways are clear, snow all around but not on road

    1. I’ve been driving in France and Belgium and it was like in the pictures – 1.7 + promods + dlc

  24. Finnish Trucker

    What version?

  25. Supernaut

    This is a great mod but I do have one criticism. Snow covered roads cause far too much resistance to the truck movement. Pulling a 23t load with a 540hp Volvo, I was sometimes unable to go faster than 53km/h on level highway. As a Canadian I am no stranger to snow covered roads. The snow causes resistance but it should still be possible to reach highway speeds. To prevent the truck from going barely over 50km/h the snow would have to be at least axle deep.

    I wish I knew how to tweak this myself.

    Otherwise keep up the great work!

    1. Supernaut

      After some more testing it seems is is the road surface that is almost bare to the pavement where the tires roll, and snow covered in the middle, (like in the first and second sample pics at the top of the page) is most effected. On every other road surface (even the ones appearing more snow covered) the trucks begin to pick up speed. It makes for a frustratingly slow experience especially when trying to go up hill.

      It was somewhat amusing seeing the fuel economy estimator hover around 100L/100km though.

      1. TheSniperEyes

        Needs some touchups and it will be really good, maybe the best winter mod.

        – Remove the rain sound.
        – Lower rolling resistance (a lot).
        – Remove lightning (visual and sound).

  26. brand waiting Nan second.

    sorry for my english I’m french

  27. Could you release another version of this mod without raining? I mean, change the sound of it or something, because now it looks pretty creepy (raining sound when snowing. Anyway, nice mod.

  28. another link please

  29. waldek14200

    bonjour j ai euro truck il me manque quelle que ville de l’ est maxi 5? est je vois que vos avez de la neige sur les route aussis ;( πŸ˜‰ et je vudrai savoir quand il finiront la maps de la france et de espagne merci de me depannΓ© a+ πŸ˜‰

  30. Chris 28319

    I don’t get this mod. I cannot drive at all. It’s too slippery. The truck wont move faster than 3 km’h/ πŸ˜€ What do i Do? DO i need tires or whatever? Have no clue how to drive in this mod ;D

  31. This is the best winter mod!

  32. Waiting For UPDATE ..

    Well we need an update! It’s shocking when it snows!

  33. WaitingForUPDATE ..

    We need an update! πŸ™‚ It’s shocking when its snowing!

  34. best drivers

    does it work on v1.8.2.5?

  35. legitstickman

    163 MB? jeez, I don’t want to wait two hours

  36. I’m also having the problem of barely being able to move with a load in this mod. Like the Canadian says, it shouldn’t cause this must resistance. I live in upstate NY and I’m no stranger to snow. Everything else looks great but the physics need work. I am unfortunately going to have to disable this mod as it will take FOREVER to transport anything over a distance. Its frustrating to see the AI cars go zooming by when you can barely move.

  37. working 1.15.x ??

  38. link to the mod?, the link dosent worke!

  39. It is normal, because the Rules:

    =Please do not use these file hostings:
    – / /
    – / and similar
    – /
    – /

    Otherwise: Page not found

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