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  1. kentas says:

    gal galit pasakyt per kokią jis čia programą daro?

  2. piotr73 says:

    Wooh ! Very nice and good work ! :)) Nice music too 😉 What is the title please ?

  3. kentas says:

    mistakes is raining of snowing,then such as the mud is up to the wheel slightly

  4. kasper says:

    plz can you link it to sendspace or mediafire

  5. A High Hamster says:

    Could someone upload this to a file-sharing site that
    supports usa downloading as a 2nd link?

  6. A High Hamster says:

    thanks admin

  7. Coco895 says:

    How to install?

  8. qvor says:

    може ли някои да каже в коя част от картата се намира този път от клипа

  9. fuzionz says:


  10. qvor says:

    za6to se parzalq tolkova mnogo kamiona mi ne stoi na putq ako moje nqkoi da kaje kak da go opravq da ne se purzalq tolkova 6te sum blagodaren.

  11. Coco895 says:


  12. Titanium says:

    Can someone please say where shall I put three folders, there are “model”, “material” and “map” folders. Thanks.

  13. Edas says:

    Tj kaip ji instalinti? Negalėjo tiesoj padaryti scs.

  14. kentas says:

    jo kaip instalint????????????????????? nes su tais folderiais nieko nepagaunu

  15. Edas says:

    Jeigu ten iš rimto kasis kai į klaną lipsi tj zjb

  16. dan says:

    It looks great but the logitech g25 force feed back is killing me. because of the snow the wheel is shaking all the time like a vibrator and it’s ANNOYING :(( and without force feed back it’s even more annoying

  17. Edas says:

    Dan i have g27 and whith snow mod i have shaking problem

  18. fuzionz says:

    ok can some a plz tell us how to install it lots of us are asking but no 1 is telling so plz can u tell us how to install this mod thanks

  19. Srele says:

    This mod make roads too sleepery. I can’t start on flat surface with automatic gearbox.
    Ant trees? Why are there deciduous trees with has not fallen leaves and snow on it in the middle of winter? How is that posible?
    This is good winter mod but it is not the best.
    If you change material definision for roads from “snow” to “dirty road” then it is OK to drive.

    • Edas says:

      how you instal this mod?

      • Srele says:

        Just unpack it from .7z arhive (with 7z unpacker FREE tool) to “Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\” folder.

        • fuzionz says:

          i no how 2 install mods but this 1 will not work 4 me Just unpack it from 7z arhive to “Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\” folder.

  20. Olin says:

    Hey guys how do I install it ?
    And what is the version ? 🙂 Thank

    • pangraksa says:

      extract, add to archive (combine map, material, model folder right click add to archive), profile:zip, compression methode:store, archive name (“change name”.scs) ok, copy paste in Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

  21. Oleg says:

    I just unarchived the 3 folder into “Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\” folder and then nothing has changed.

    Is this mod working for someone ?

  22. aryo putra says:

    why the file not formatted scs?
    i don’t understand if it is not formatted scs 🙁

    • scott says:

      This is how i extract these. Downlooad the program called “bitser” When installed open it and find the file icon, put your cursor over it and “open archive” is what it should it. Find the file in”downloads” section. click on it and it should be in the program now. Click the blue negative sign called “extract archive” click on it and choose Euro truck simulator 2 file folder. extract it to that but NOT INTO MOD FOLDER YET!! open the folder you just extracted and there is the .scs file. I hope I make enough sense for u to get it done 🙂

    • scott says:

      Oh yeah, dont forget to put .scs into mod folder…

  23. scott says:

    Can’t get it to work. I have many mods working, but I cant get this to work. Wish I could , I want to drive in snow!

  24. RIgge1988 says:

    Alright, many seem to have problems installing this mod. Simply open the .7z using winrar or whatever you prefer and put the .zip (that it contains) in your modfolder where you put all the .scs files.

    However, I give this map 1/5 because
    1. It’s too damn slippery! I live in Sweden, and I can tell you that it’s not this slippery in the winter. 2. it totally changes the roads so they are now like a ridiculous rollercoaster with a crapton of up and down slopes.

    From my point of view this mod would’ve been better off with less slip and no editing of the shape the roads are.

  25. Losmi says:

    Can anyone sent link whit convert scs, to all who dont work can downloade scs.

  26. Truckers Game says:

    Does the snow cover the whole map? Or what…

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