Winter mod

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Author: Nico


Tested on ETS2 v1.2.5.1

We recommend to patch game to this version!

The mod offers:

Lights go on at 17:00 and off at 9:00
It’s dark from 19:00 till 7:00
Temperature in truck is now between 1 and -10
All road, terrain, sign and vegitation textures have been changed.
Added snow storm effect and noises.
Added snow particles at the tires.
Changed vehicle physics (Truck easy to drive but be carefull not to jackknife )
Changed prefab company buildings.
Loading screens, song and theme has been changed (Full feature)
Real companies have been added from my Real Company Mod v1.1.

NOTE: it’s an executable!

17 Responses to Winter mod

  1. martin says:

    if i got it in 1.3.0 will it effect my game?

  2. 18 Wheels of Steel says:

    Unfinished mod. Half hour of playn and noticing that snow is everywhere, in tunnels too. Traffic light is turning on very late, maybe hour and so after dark falling. This mod better be named ice age 😀

  3. james says:

    This is the best snow mod i have seen to date on all the truck games.The wind sound a little bit of overkill.
    would it be possible to make this mod with a little less traction, but not to the point the automatic is unusable as in an other snow mod. Its very close to being a snow driving trainer mod!, but too much traction for the reality driver in some of us, who do not look for a racing snow version. I still use the other mod for rainy icy driving also since it rains not snows when it storms. Only some suggestions. You did one top notch in total appearance efforts and I give you a 5 star rating on this one even if it snows in the tunnels!

  4. cold says:

    plz add ETS2 map v.3.1 snow edit.goba6372 or ETS2 map v.3.2 snow edit.goba6372 or ETS2 map v.3.3 snow edit.goba6372 tanx :X 🙂

    • 116808apd says:

      Thanks for the comment. And yes, the sound is a bit too high pitched which I will fix in the update.

      And the snow In the tunnels. Im afraid I can’t really fix that. I will try but I won’t promise anything.

      • cold2 says:

        its a very cool mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i don`t like the noise in the cab

  5. Agust Ingi says:

    when i download chrome always says that it was a download error!! What am i suposed to do

    • Alistair says:

      Switch to IE? Even though it takes ages, it might work, or even try Mozilla.

  6. Ledian says:

    MOD works great! no crashes so far. i like it better then the other winter mods just cause i actually can control the truck and im not wasting hours of delivery time trying to go up a hill.

    Great job with this mod!

  7. Zero says:

    executable… gl

  8. Marčius says:

    NUOSTABU!! Labai geras žiemos mod’as man patiko! 😀

    Kurk daugiau tokių modų! Perfect

    10/10! ;]

  9. matej says:

    cau mam verziu ets2 v 1.5.2 a pojde mi to poradte

  10. die says:

    this mod is terrible it dosent support the new 1.26!WHY WHY

    • diekiller says:

      you know it says in the description it was tested on 125 not 126.

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