Wolter Koops truck & trailer


A Wolter Koops skin + standalone trailer.

I haven’t created the trailer, I only skinned it.
I haven’t created the truck, I only skinned it.

Re-uploading is forbidden.

Stephan B. (B&B Skin Customs)


4 Responses to Wolter Koops truck & trailer

  1. pieter1 says:

    what scania is it on the picture? can you give my the link or is it the standart scania R? Nice skin, see it often on the highway nearby us.

  2. Stephan B. says:

    It is the scania made by 50k, just look up: Scania R2008 by 50keda.

  3. tim says:

    please link for the truck wheels

  4. pieter1 says:

    Hey, could you make an Althuisius Logistics skin for this scania and a trailer as well? It would be realy nice.

    link to their site:http: //www.althuisiuslogistics.nl/

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