World map for ets2


World map for ets2…
Accurate to the base map and dlc north & east and also tsm maps,
will not change ur world camera limits, just the map details….
Zooming function also working

Tested on 1.18 & 1.19 versions…
Just place into ur mod folder, making sure this is below any map mods….



9 thoughts on “World map for ets2

  1. Looks good but please remove the screens folder in the mod and create graphics without mipmaps. The names of the countries I would omit.

  2. marchamilton

    make a satellite view map would be much better

  3. Will upload an update for this map very soon, and yes will work on a satellite view also…
    Anything beats that standard black map 🙂

  4. Updated the map, no mips (my mistake) and better texturing…
    Link >>> httpsharemods.comlwwnn33gjtbtzzzzzzz_world_map_v1.scs.html

    Will get to work on sat view next…

    1. zia azemira

      1. Very nice, so much better than black…………..thank you

  5. This actually works when placed above any existing maps, not below, in mod manager.
    Works with latest TSM and Rus maps.

    And yes, the country names, definitely would do without them.
    But good mod overall

    Thank you!

  6. This needs a video preview, showing the difference between default map and mod.

  7. countries names are no good

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