World Radio Stations V12

World radio stations, updated.
With a total of 568 stations, added stations from Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Malaysia, at the request of some users.
I hope you like them.
Do not re-upload, respect the work, thanks



18 thoughts on “World Radio Stations V12

  1. Muazzuddin88

    Thanks You so much for adding malaysia radio Station

    1. You’re welcome

  2. ScaniaDriverV8StreamLine

    Add Lithuanian radio stations

    1. Ok, in the next update I will add radios from Lithuania

  3. Jukolan Eero


    1. Yes, in the next update I add Finland stations

  4. Can you add vietnamese radio stations?

    1. Ok, in the next update I will add vietnam radios

  5. Bro+is+there+Indian+radio+station

    1. There are some from India, but I will add more

  6. can you add more malaysia radio station? pls i like it

    1. Ok, I’ll put more stations

      1. Thank You..i will wait for you next update 🙂

        1. Syamsul Iqbal

          Yes Please add more station, likes Sinar FM, ERA FM , HOT FM, Hitz FM

        2. you forgot to add Hitz.Fm and ERA Fm radio stations

  7. Can you add please croatia radio stations

    1. Yes, in the next update I will include Croatian stations

  8. ditkos123

    pls like add some more albanian stations they are only five or six and france has like 20 or more and it is really not fare.. i suggest every country to have at least 10 or 15 stations so people have to choose over allot of station varietys! Thank you and please do something about this thing

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