World’s Highest Level Profile ever

Hello friends this is my first mod and i m uploading my profile
You wont BELIVE but the profile level is 220707
Yes this is true
Download this file copy the file named as 7468…….. to documents >euro truck simulator 2>profile and paste it
Video proof coming soon stay tuned

Crazy techy


10 Responses to World’s Highest Level Profile ever

  1. lightning gamer says:

    i have a higher level than that.

  2. Mickieli says:

    not possible to unrar

  3. FID says:

    Mate…..#### off with this ####

  4. June says:

    Come on. This is total spam, and garbage that is useful to no one.

    Please remove this item from the site and refrain from uploading meaningless files like this from being uploaded here in the future.

  5. Mistraou says:

    File corrupted or empty!

  6. Hicham says:

    Haha you’re so proud of this crap!! Why?

  7. Arthur Vince says:


  8. Arthur Vince says:

    Stop trolling dude with your empty uploads..

  9. sheppardpat47 says:

    Hope someone will make this site better with quality mods only instead of #### with a guy who have invented clickbait for ETS2 lmfao

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