Xantia citroen

Standalone car Dealer
HQ Model
AO Texture
1 Type Of Cabin
2 Type Of Interior [matrial new][Standard]
HQ Interior
Tuning interior
car Physics
real dashboard and car
Mod Manager [green] Ready!
version -1- this mod
Custom Plate Number
And More…



13 thoughts on “Xantia citroen

  1. AvM Transport

    *Citroën Xantia

  2. Nice mod can you make BMW E46?

  3. When animating the windows the movement of the frames should be diagonal (diagonally to the left in the driver’s window and diagonally to the right in the passenger window)

  4. The mod is fantastic, it is identical to the one in real life, but let’s see if you can create the Citroen Xsara or the Citroen Xsara Picasso.
    I dare you to do it
    Luck …

  5. Very nice mod
    Please create bmw e46 coupe

  6. nice mod
    please created bmw e46

  7. Speedometer is wrong

  8. kadir kadirow

    please do mazda 6 Estate 2005 147 Horse

  9. Nice one, thanks god someone did old cheap car instead of Mercedes AMG or similar

  10. Berko BABA

    Speedometer is wrong
    max 150 kmh…
    and no realistic motors

  11. Девід

    I can’t download it, can you please send me your downloaded FUNCTIONAL link to my email “[email protected]”. Thank you 🙂

  12. Why is the seating position so low? Please make it higher! It makes driving really uncomfortable

  13. Other than the seat position, the mod seems good. But I can’t see anything.

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