XP, Money and Police mod


This mos gives u:
8000Xp when u park ur self(not skip)
Revards is increased
abandon job cost almost nothing..
drivers are cheaper
Garages are cheaper
Drivers dont come back empty
Speedlimit is 90km/h
Max. 75€ policefine

Should work 1.3.X

Author: Mak-Kyver, Juno8


7 thoughts on “XP, Money and Police mod

  1. I have v1.3.0 and this mods not work by me.

    1. I have V1.3.0 and its work perfectly 😛
      AND also i am tested it V1.3.1 and works fine.

      So you must have mod wich make conflict.

      4 exsample: I had real company mod wich also include economy so thats why it crash

  2. ok i have 1.3.1 and it works fine..

  3. why cant i downlaod this mod

  4. How can i remove the speed limiter from this mod? i already use a modification for this purpose

  5. does it work on v1.1.1……????????

  6. Charlibidou

    don’t work for me

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