XP+Economy Helper to 1.15.X


more XP from self parking
more money from delivery..
cheaper garages
online shop after 1 truck
+ something little edits what i dont remember..

work on 1.15.X




6 thoughts on “XP+Economy Helper to 1.15.X

  1. Doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried a ton of XP mods for ETS2 and none of them work with v1.15.1.1s.

  2. well it work on tests..
    i will look it..

    1. it works fine on me.. maybe its conflict with some other mod.. Try add some яяяяя before mod name 🙂

      1. That work, thanks! Great mod 🙂

  3. new profile or ?

  4. Gökhan Uğur

    Im from Turkey. This mod doesnt work going east dlc. Help me please. I need this mod.

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