Yacht trailer

Author: Carlos Silva
Tested: 1.2.5


8 Responses to Yacht trailer

  1. Alffaan says:

    thats work on 1.1.1 😀

  2. Alffaan says:

    Can you build the road train ? thats will be more fun :3

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      A train would also have been a fun haul, but this yach was realy nice. I like it a lot.

  3. Greg says:

    this trainer its too high you can drive on tunels

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      Like in reality, then you have to choose another way.

  4. piotr73 says:

    where can I find the yaht trailer please ?? Thank you 🙂

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      It replace the “Large Tubes”(at least for me).

      This mod and the big Crane trailer mod, is the best trailer replacer. The only negative with the crane trailer is that you get too much money for hauling it.

  5. George says:

    Can you make it standalone???

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